As enterprises grow, IT organisations must rapidly add computing capacity – often in the form of new servers with disparate operating environments. The resulting server sprawl is costly in terms of capital and people needed to operate, manage, and upgrade new servers.

Server consolidation with VMware software provides a solution for these challenges. Virtual infrastructure enables unprecedented levels of workload isolation, granular resource control for all of the system’s computing and I/O resources. Virtual Infrastructure integrates well with existing system management software and improves return on investment in shared storage (SAN). By consolidating physical systems in the data centre onto servers with VMware virtual infrastructure, enterprises experience:

Lower hardware acquisition and maintenance costs

Consolidation of idle system resources

Increased operational efficiency

Cost-effective and consistent production environments

Servers running IT infrastructure applications represent the majority of Intel Architecture server sprawl. The applications in this category are represented by file and print server, directory infrastructure, web servers, firewalls, NAT / DHCP servers and so on.

Although most of these servers are only utilized by 10-15%, architectural, security and compatibility issues lead to recommendation to dedicate a separate physical platform to each of these applications. Managing, patching and securing these servers takes valuable IT time. In addition, proliferation of physical servers drives operational costs for facilities, power, and cooling. Because of the low server utilisation and the combination of low CPU and medium I/O requirements, IT Infrastructure servers are prime candidates for virtualisation and associated consolidation.

Virtualisation allows enterprises to realise:

Consolidation ratio of 4 workloads per CPU or higher

Infrastructure which is more robust and disaster resistant

Lower capital and operational costs

Dramatic improvements in server management, including add, moves, and changes, provisioning, and re-purposing

Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migrations:

Using custom tools that we developed, Reciprocal VMware consultants will assist you in importing the workloads of your physical servers into virtual machines. P2V Migrations are ideal for customers involved in server consolidation or legacy migration projects. They help reduce the complexity, risk, and downtime typically associated with these kinds of projects. By eliminating the need to re-install software and configure complex application environments, P2V Migrations cut down on set-up time and deliver value on your investment in VMware software in the shortest timeframe possible.

Server Consolidation Assessment:

This solution is designed to help customers understand the requirements and process involved in migrating and consolidating physical machines into a consolidated virtual machine environment. Reciprocal’s experienced consultants will work with the customer to analyse their existing environment and make recommendations as to what the target environment should looks like. Included will be an analysis of the TCO associated with the project and server sizing requirements. Reciprocal will use the excellent product called PlateSpin to analyse the environment and produce highly readable consolidation reports.

Reciprocal Professional Services VMware Consulting

As a VMware Partner, Reciprocal’s VMware consultants have both the expertise to identify the best solution for your environment and the experience needed to develop and implement it right the first time. We provide extensive knowledge transfer to your team throughout each project with the goal of making your team fully self-sufficient in using and managing VMware virtual machine software products and services.

Our consulting solutions are designed to help you at any stage of your process – from gathering business and technical requirements, to custom development, and through integration with your existing business systems and processes. Our consulting services include:

By working closely with our customer base, Reciprocal VMware consultants have developed standard solution packages that provide the highest value in a compressed timeframe. By leveraging the process, materials, and best practices developed across numerous customer engagements, we can provide you with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

VMware vSphere offers the highest levels of availability and responsiveness for all applications and services, the industry’s most reliable platform for data centre virtualisation. With Reciprocal consultants customers can optimise IT service delivery and deliver the highest levels of application service agreements with the lowest total cost per application workload by decoupling your business-critical applications from the underlying hardware for unprecedented flexibility and reliability.

The objective of this solution is to get you up and running on VMware ESX Server(tm) virtual machine software for consolidating and partitioning servers in high-performance environments, quickly and effectively. Reciprocal VMware consultants will work with you to install and configure this highly scalable virtual machine platform so that you learn how to take full advantage of this product’s advanced resource management capabilities to guarantee service levels.

This solution helps customers maximise their time and resources by helping them quickly understand and utilize the special capabilities of VirtualCenter. An existing VMware ESX installation is assumed, or VirtualCenter can be combined with an ESX. Customers will obtain effective knowledge transfer by walking through an installation and getting VirtualCenter working in their own environment. By leveraging the experience of Reciprocal VMware Professional Services, customers will be more expedient and successful in their VirtualCenter deployment.

VMware vCloud™ Director gives Reciprocal customers the ability to build secure private clouds that dramatically increase data centre efficiency and business agility. Coupled with VMware vSphere™, the best platform for cloud infrastructures, VMware vCloud Director delivers cloud computing for existing data centres by pooling virtual infrastructure resources and delivering them to users as catalogue-based services.