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Reciprocal will Improve your visibility of your data.

The Centera Data Assessment & Reporting service will analyse the data you are storing and help you to understand whether the information is compliant, and what content could – and even should – be removed. Although available as a one-time service, regular reporting provides a detailed, accurate picture of your archived environment to keep you in control of your corporate information assets. With the report providing a firm foundation of up-to-date knowledge of your archived data, we can help you to consider your options for improving compliance and achieving cost-efficient management…


Optimise your existing Centera platform by identifying data to be deleted to meet regulatory requirements or because it is never accessed; data that could be transferred to a less stringently compliant platform.


Potentially migrate rapidly to an alternative Dell EMC solution, including the Unified VNX Storage platform, Isilon NAS systems and Atmos Cloud. Provide a basis for fair and accurate chargeback.

The report enables a high level of flexibility in creating chargeback reports – an essential capability in many sectors. A chargeback report could typically include:

Applications; division, business unit or project; types of files (PDF, doc, etc.); file names; age of the file; file size. A combination of fields can be used to build a charging unit; for example, file type plus business unit.

The Centera Data Assessment and Reporting Service

This service delivers a comprehensive report on your data to see how its retention complies with regulatory bodies such as SEC, HIPAA, SOX and many more. It includes:


A report showing the number of objects on your Centera infrastructure

A health check looking at potentially corrupt data, and your policies for retention and deletion


An automatic process implemented by Reciprocal to explore all Centera systems for: visualisation of data, data retention/integrity/loss; system utilisation.


Validation/invalidation of business processes; compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4, HIPAA and other rules and regulations; ability to satisfy third-party inquiries. Regularly reporting in this way is a vital part of optimising your Centera infrastructure, ensuring it operates at peak performance and complies with regulatory bodies.
In migration projects, the service shows the data sets and forms a basis for assessing the type and volume of data to be migrated and estimating project timescales.