Centera End of Life

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Centera End of Life? Reciprocal will help you move forward

Reciprocal is expert in Centera Migrations for simple or complex Data including Voice, Email, PACS systems and many other applications.

As with ANY hardware End-of-Life announcement, the success of implementing a replacement storage platform greatly depends on first gaining an understanding of the data written to the device, including number and average size of data objects, compliance requirements to either retain and migrate all objects, or filter and purge records that have met their retention period, and finally, whether or not any data is subject to legal hold.

Centera is a great object storage platform, and can be challenging to migrate-off due to the unique complexities it may present when reaching end of life.

Reciprocal will get you from Centera to any NAS, S3, REST or new Object or content platform easily with a complete chain of custody and Audit trial. Renewing your storage maintenance contract through the vendor is very costly in comparison to Reciprocal. In contrast you can save, on average, a whopping 75% on your vendor renewal cost.

Depending on your situation, flexibility may also be a factor you want to consider. If you are planning on decommissioning your storage device soon, or in between a migration project due to end soon, it would be beneficial to only have support for a specified period of time rather than a whole year, which could mean a significant cost saving.


Reciprocal can offer a range of flexible support packages to best suit your company’s needs across all major vendor devices. Our engineers are all experienced and certified which means a technical expert can resolve all your EMC Centera issues.